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MDE Machinery

MDE Machinery is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality attachments since 2013, specializing in tree shears and scorpion grabs for the forestry and agricultural industries. Our products are designed to fit a wide range of machines, including excavators, telehandlers, and tractors, delivering efficient handling of various materials.

Koala Tree Shears

Powerful Koala Excavator Tree Shears

Made from high-strength steel and armed with a replaceable blade it comes as no surprise that the Koala Tree shears have become a success across the globe. The MDE Koala tree shear range was designed with a purposely built heavy Hardox chassis to ensure it is stronger, more resilient, and robust than any excavator tree shear in its market category.

We offer a wide range of tree shears with 4 cutting diameter models that suit excavators 1.5 – 30 tons. Attached to an excavator's hammer lines, the Koala tree shears are a hydraulic attachment that cuts trees efficiently with its’ powerful hydraulic ram. With our signature replaceable wing-style blade to be the first on the market.

Through years of testing and re-designing, MDE has developed an efficient, powerful, high-quality attachment for cutting trees. The arm takes a firm grip on the tree and a hydraulic cylinder pushes the hardox edge through the tree to shear it. The benefit this design has is that when the tree is cut it can be placed in a safe location.

Scorpion Excavator Grabs

Robust and Versatile

The MDE Scorpion is a must on every operator’s attachment list. One of the main key features of the MDE Scorpion Grab is its ability to give you a breakout force like no other grab on the market. With the Scorpions fixed front grapple you can easily pull-out tree stumps, clear overgrowth, and stack rock armor. The Scorpion can be used for demolition projects to take down buildings and pick out solid steel and timber with the hydraulic back grapple.

The MDE Scorpion is very simple to install and maintain. Connect the hydraulic pipes to your excavators’ auxiliary lines and you’re in full control of your grab. To maintain your grab all you need to do is grease hinge points daily.