SCU Surface Cleaning Unit

SCU Surface Cleaning unit effectively cleans parking garages and other large areas with flat surfaces. The unit washes the surface with high-pressure water and the vacuum collects the dirty water for recycling. The unit leaves a clean and dry surface behind without making any mess to the surroundings.



  • Efficient cleaning up to 60 000 m2 / day
  • Resulting in clean, almost dry surfaces
  • Clean pores
  • Safe to use, don’t splash water, dirt, or rocks into the surroundings
  • Pre-washing capability without suction
  • Pressure washing with washing pistol
  • Versatile functions which can be used separately (e.g. suction use only)


  • Operating speed max 5 km/h
  • Water pump’s output max 50 l/min (13.2 gpm)
  • Water pressure max 220 bar (3200 psi)
  • Working width 150 cm (59.1 in)
  • Weight 720 kg
  • Water reservoir capacity 540 l
  • Vacuum -8 kPa
  • Airflow 3,4 M3/s
  • Hose reel
  • Hose length 20 m (65.6 feet)
  • Splash protection
  • Washing gun