PPL High Pressure Pipe Cleaning Unit

DYNASET PPL Hydraulic Pipe Cleaning Unit converts the hydraulic power of a mobile machine or vehicle into high-pressure water for pipe cleaning.


Key Benefits

The pipe cleaning unit provides effective washing lengths up to 100 meters horizontally and 20 meters vertically. The high-quality equipment provides plenty of benefits.

  • A compact all-in-one unit takes minimal space from a vehicle and saves space for other uses
  • High-pressure washing guarantees optimized water consumption and saves plenty of water
  • High-pressure washing gives the best washing result
  • Ease of use saves time
  • Eco-friendly
  • Small carbon footprint
  • Two-year or 2000-hour warranty


The pipe cleaning unit has different components and pump combinations with plenty of useful features.

  • Adjustable water pressure up to 460 bar and water flow up to 90 l/min
  • Selection of nozzles for pipe cleaning, ice removal, root cutting
  • Additional water heating unit available
  • Additional remote control available
  • Additional hose reel and washing gun available
  • Hydraulically operated hose reel available
  • Self-priming high-pressure water pump models
  • Variety of water pump models with different outputs are available
  • The high water pressure compensates for pressure loss
  • LS water pressure control available
  • Manual or electric (12V/24V) pump and hose reel control available