MAG Lifting Magnet

DYNASET MAG Lifting Magnet is a high-quality magnet that is perfect to go with the HMG PRO Hydraulic Magnet Generator.


Key Benefits

While the magnet generator produces power, the lifting magnet does the work. The MAG is a perfect couple with the HMG Pro Hydraulic Magnet Generator.

  • Increase productivity – the world’s fastest demagnetizing time is 0.8 of a second when combined with the HMG PRO
  • Robust
  • High-quality structure
  • Easy to install and use
  • Two-year or 2000-hour warranty


MAG lifting magnet has some great features.

  • Standard MAG tear-off force is from 5,5 t (12.1 t lbs.) up to 70 t (154 t lbs.) depending on the model
  • The standard MAG coil power range is from 3,0 kW up to 20 kW depending on the model. Even bigger models are available on request.
  • MAG diameters from 700 mm up to 2200 mm as standard, large one on request
  • Available with claws