KPL-WEED Weedkiller Unit

KPL-WEED Weedkiller Unit is using hot water for weed control without any chemicals. The unit can handle large areas efficiently with a weed control pipe. You can easily remove weeds from streets, parking lots, sidewalks, pathways, pavements, curbs, etc. The weedkiller is equipped with a water heating unit that heats the water up to 102°C. The heated water droplets can be spread either from a weed control pipe or roller onto the weed surface. The hot 98°C water affects all the way to the plant roots for complete elimination.


Key Benefits

  • Weed control with hot water (98°C)
  • Efficient weed control without chemicals
  • Easy weed control for large areas
  • Environmental friendly
  • Continuous working time of 30 minutes with 18 l/min water flow
  • Adjustable weed control pipe
  • Inaccessible areas can be treated with a weed-control roller
  • Accurate targeting of hot water
  • 20m reach from the machine
  • Easy to attach to machines


  • Water reservoir capacity 540 l (142.65 gal)
  • Hydraulic High-Pressure Water Pump
  • Water output for weed control max 18 l/min (4.76 gpm)
  • Water pump’s output max 30 l/min (7.92 gpm)
  • Water pressure max 250 bar (3600 psi)
  • Water filtration
  • Water heating unit
  • Heated water temperature up to 102°C
  • Weed control water temperature over 98°C
  • Heating power 110 kW
  • Water heater fuel tank capacity 60 l (16 gal)
  • Water heater’s fuel consumption is 13.5 l / h (3.57 gph)
  • Weed control pipe (width 500 mm / 19.69 inch)
  • Weed control roller (width 400 mm / 15.75 inch)
  • Hose reel
  • Hose length 20 m (65 feet)