JPL High Pressure Bin Washing System

DYNASET JPL Hydraulic High-Pressure Water Pump converts the hydraulic power of a vehicle into high-pressure water for bin washing.


Key Benefits

The garbage collection and bin washing services can efficiently be done with one vehicle.

  • The driver can easily do the waste collecting and bin washing by himself
  • Fully automated bin cleaning or manual washing by customer’s choice
  • Garbage collection and container cleaning at the same time
  • Wastewater collection and recycling
  • Hot water washing
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Powerful washing results
  • Optimized water consumption
  • Save time, labor costs, and resources
  • Profitability increase due to reduced machinery and work time
  • The wastewater re-use possible
  • Eco-friendly
  • Two-year or 2000-hour warranty


In addition to effective bin washing either with fully automatic robots or a washing gun, the system has a variety of models and options with plenty of useful features.

  • Automatic bin cleaning washing robot
  • All models include powerful washing gun
  • Water heating unit available
  • Water circulation system
  • The simplified model only with manual washing gun available
  • The automatic washing robot includes 3D nozzles, booms, a water reservoir, and installation valves