HV Hydraulic Winch & HVY Hydraulic Winch Unit

DYNASET HV Winch and HVY Winch Unit convert the hydraulic power into horizontal pulling power.


Key Benefits

HV Hydraulic Winch and HVY Hydraulic Winch Unit are compact units designed for on-surface water, gas, and oil pipe installations without digging.

  • Fully adjustable pulling power and speed
  • Easy and fast to operate
  • Adjustable boom structure
  • Durable and robust construction
  • Tested and adjusted for the customer before shipment
  • Two-year or 2000-hour warranty


In addition to these, there are also other features in Hydraulic Winch and Hydraulic Winch Unit

  • HV can be installed on a mobile machine onto the front or rear of the machine.
  • HV is easy to attach onto the base machine hydraulic system by plugin only two hydraulic hoses
  • HVY is an easily movable stand-alone unit with its own engine and hydraulic system
  • Pulling power from 5 tons to 20 tons
  • Cables available up to 200 meters
  • HVY Hydraulic Winch Unit also available with tracks