De-Icing Technology

DYNASET De-Icing Technology provides fast, highly automated, and cost-effective modules for spreading de-icing fluids and anti-freeze agents to remove ice or prevent icing.


Key Benefits

De-Icing Technology saves time and money with automation and it is easy to use.

  • Saves used fluid with a consumption optimizing automation.
  • Adjusts the fluid consumption according to the speed of the vehicle
  • A high-pressure spraying system ensures even fluid coverage on a surface
  • Easy to keep track of the De-icing technology usage with usage reports
  • Easy to operate from the cabin with a user interface
  • Reliable


DYNASET experts have a long experience in de-icing configurations that guarantees the best solution for your need. De-icing Technology has great features too.

  • Additional spraying pistol and hose reel
  • Stores the work data on a memory card or USB flash drive.
  • Available to all standard commercial trucks and tractors
  • Additional thermal printer for the usage report printing
  • Every configuration is designed by DYNASET experts